25th Anniversary

For a company that is more than 135 years old, Toshiba is still able to innovate with the energy and enthusiasm of today's best start-ups.

The 25th anniversary series of cutting edge mobile-computing devices for business and home demonstrates this perfectly.

The Innovation Journey

Looking back 135 years to Toshiba's origins, it is possible to still see the spirit of the founders in today's drive to innovate.

Hisashige Tanaka, nicknamed 'the genius of mechanical wonders' was one of Japan's greatest inventors. Ichisuke Fujioka, a wizard with electricity, was known as the Japanese Edison - a prolific inventor who successfully commercialised numerous ideas.

Between them, they were responsible for establishing the foundations of one of the world's great electronics companies.

Their drive and commitment to innovation have become part of the company's DNA - an instinctive urge that took on a new and remarkable form in 1985 thanks to the efforts of Atsutoshi Nishida, a future president of Toshiba. He drove the development and launch of the world's first IBM-compatible mobile computer.

The Revolution

This device revolutionised business and computing, as it operated the same software programs that professionals and executives were using on mainframes in the workplace.

This innovation triggered the mobile revolution, and led to the extraordinary growth of mobile devices and to radical changes in the way we work and do business.

Since then, Toshiba has remained the leader in the field, with numerous innovations and world firsts setting the standard by which other notebooks are judged.