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Toshiba recommends Windows.

Toshiba in Education

Toshiba sparked the digital education revolution in 1985, when we launched the world's first industry-standard notebook. We have remained at the forefront of the technology ever since.

In 1990, our notebooks started going to school - some of the first in the world to do so. Since then, we've partnered with educators and technology experts to develop tools that will advance the way schools work and enhance the learning experience for teachers and students. This has led to the rich, multi-dimensional learning environments we see today.

We also learned long ago that reliability is the single most important thing we can build into our computers. The education market is the toughest in the world. By making our machines more durable and reliable, teachers and students can spend more time working, and less time waiting.

The past 20 years have proven that technology has the power to transform education. At Toshiba, we are equally excited about the future. We are committed to driving the digital education revolution for the next 20 years, and beyond.

Technology has the power to transform education.


25 years in the making
25 years in the making

With 25 years of experience in developing and producing notebooks, Toshiba know what works.

Safety and productivity
Reliability and productivity

Reliability is built-in, not bolted on, minimising downtime and maximizing productivity.

Style with substance
Style with substance

A perfect balance of style and substance with seamless design, performance and functionality.

In-country, in-house service and support
In-country, in-house service and support

Toshiba is committed to offering a comprehensive customer service.

Commitment to the environment
Commitment to the environment

Environmentally responsive practices to minimize environmental impact.

SNAP - Student Notebook Access Program

In 1990 Toshiba Australia led a classroom revolution by offering a one-to-one Notebook program for secondary schools and nearly 20 years later the campaign has grown from strength to strength.

Tens of thousands of public and private students have taken advantage of the SNAP program and Toshiba continues to help transform the education landscape.

The program is designed to address all the requirements for student life including purpose-built education notebooks with shock mounted hard drives and spill resistant keyboards, all wrapped up in a rugged laptop bag and complete with onsite warranty.

Toshiba has spent the last twenty years understanding the education market in Australia, designing products to meet the toughest computing environments - high school!

Each year, we engage with educators from leading institutions around the country to design the next generation of products, looking out to the future, identifying trends and developing a product that will yield superior learning outcomes based on performance, durability and functionality.

Toshiba's SNAP program has been widely accepted by both public and private schools as the industry benchmark for mobile computing in secondary education.

All these features lead to an engaging computer experience allowing teachers and students to achieve superior educational outcomes.

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