How to take full advantage of Toshiba’s unique ConfigFree utility

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How to take full advantage of Toshiba’s unique ConfigFree utility

ConfigFree is a great time-saver and a very useful trouble-shooting tool. It has the following functions:

  • Wireless Radar – makes it easy to connect to wireless devices and wireless networks. More
  • Connectivity Doctor – helps you connect to wired and wireless networks and diagnose and troubleshoot connection problems. More
  • Diversity Antenna – automatically selects the best antenna and frequency to maintain the best possible wireless connection. More
  • Profile Setting – lets you set up a profile for each place where you use your notebook eg school and home. More
Wireless Radar
  1. To connect to a network, open ConfigFree and select Radar.
  2. The Radar scans your local environment, detects any available, active Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi connections and displays them as a graphic on the radar screen.
  3. Run your cursor over each graphic to learn more about it e.g. MAC address, Wi-Fi channel, Wi-Fi type (G,A etc).
  4. To connect, simply click on the device or access point you want and drag it to the graphic of the notebook in the centre of the Radar. Job done.
Connectivity Doctor
  1. To troubleshoot a network connection problem, open ConfigFree and select Connectivity Doctor.
  2. The Connectivity Doctor displays your network connections as a simple graphic showing your notebook, your local network connections and then external network connections.
  3. Run your cursor over each section to learn more about the connection.
  4. Connection problems will be identified and located, allowing you to check them and solve your problem (PLEASE SUPPLY CONTENT FOR THIS)
Diversity Antenna

The diversity antenna works completely automatically. It consists of two antennas located within different parts of a Toshiba notebook. Both are receptive to Wi-Fi. The controlling software monitors the signal strength and quality being received by each antenna, and then selects the best as the source for your connection. If you move around and the signal strength changes, the system automatically switches to the other antenna to maintain the best possible connection.

Profile Setting

When you take your notebook from one location to another e.g. from school to home, you need to connect to the network and devices like printers in the new location. This can be tedious, especially if you’re doing it every day! With ConfigFree’s Profile Settings, you can save the settings for each location you use. ConfigFree then recognises when you’ve moved and automatically changes the settings, saving you time and effort.

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