How to use your notebook or Tablet PC safely

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Toshiba recommends Windows.

Hints and Tips

How to use your Toshiba notebook or Tablet PC safely

  • Keep the computer free of dust. Dust build-up can cause component failure.
  • Avoid dropping food or – especially – drinks or other liquids onto your device! Liquids can cause short circuits that can permanent damage.
  • Excess heat can lead to component failure. While Toshiba’s mobile PCs all have thermal management incorporated into their design, it is still possible for users to inadvertently cause overheating. For this reason, please:

    • keep cooling inlets and outlets free of dust.
    • allow proper ventilation at all times – be careful not to block the cooling system inlets and outlets with sheets, pillows, cushions ort clothing.
  • Your screen is one of the most delicate parts of your notebook. Take great care to protect it. To avoid accidents, it is best to NEVER leave anything on the keyboard, as this may fracture the screen when the notebook is closed.
  • Keep the keyboard free of dust, food and liquids.
  • Take care when connecting or disconnecting devices via any of the notebook ports or jacks. Some of these have many pins that can be damaged by rough handling.
  • Do not place anything on top of your notebook when it is open or closed as the weight may cause deformation or breakage.
  • Do not conceal your notebook beneath other things or leave it on seats as other pope may sit on it and cause damage.