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Toshiba recommends Windows.

Hints and Tips

How to get the most out of your Tablet PC

There are five very useful buttons on your Tablet PC that will help make life easier for you when you're working in Tablet mode:


How to convert from notebook to Tablet PC mode

  1. Place your Tablet PC on a flat, stable surface.
  2. Open the display so that it is at right angles to the keyboard.
  3. Gently grasp the base of the screen at either side and slowly turn it 180 degrees clockwise.
  4. Lay the back of the screen down onto the keyboard.
  5. Pick up your Tablet PC and start working!

Automatic screen orientation

Your Tablet PC's screen display will automatically change from portrait to landscape, depending upon how you're holding it. That's because Toshiba's internal 3D accelerometer acts as a directional gyroscope and senses the Tablet's tilt, adjusting the display as the tilt changes. This lets you use your Tablet PC with the screen held either vertically or horizontally—whichever is more natural or best suits the task.