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Grey Imported Toshiba Notebooks- Customer Service Announcement

Is the Toshiba Notebook you are about to buy sold and supported by TOSHIBA (AUSTRALIA) Pty Ltd?
If not, you must deal solely with the person/company who sold you the Notebook for any warranty or support issues. Toshiba AUSTRALIA does not provide warranty support for product imported by others (grey import) into Australia or New Zealand.

How do you tell if your Notebook is supplied by Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd?
The Model ID nameplate on the base of the unit contains the model code; Australian and New Zealand models have a 6 alpha numeric PxxxxA-xxxxxx for example PT311A-xxxxxx.

Can the grey import be covered by Toshiba’s ILW?
No, International Limited Warranty (ILW) is available to genuine International travellers who are existing residents from the country of purchase, and have registered their ILW agreement in the country of purchase before making any claim. Proof of purchase is also required when making an ILW claim.