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Trend Micro HDD Protection

It has come to our attention that the installation of certain versions of Trend Micro’s security software may inadvertently disable startup of Toshiba’s HDD protection feature, available on certain Toshiba PCs.¹

Trend Micro has released a software update to fix this issue and re-enable Toshiba’s HDD Protection feature . If you currently are using Trend Micro’s security software and have enabled its “auto update” feature, the relevant software patch will be applied automatically to your system. If you prefer to manually install the software update, please refer to Trend Micro’s support page.

Thank you for your continuing support of Toshiba and its products.

Additional Details:

Potentially Affected Toshiba PCs:

Toshiba PCs with “Toshiba HDD protection” feature which also have installed Trend Micro Internet Security v8.0, Trend Micro Premium Security v8.0 or Trend Micro Maximum Security v. 8.0.
To determine whether your PC has “HDD protection”, please follow the instructions here.

As noted above, if you are using Trend Micro’s security software and have enabled its “auto update” feature, your software will be updated automatically. To apply the software update manually, please access Trend Micro’s support page and follow the instructions relating to your installed version of Trend Micro’s software program.
If you do not have the Trend Micro “auto update” feature for some reason (i.e., you have already uninstalled the subject security software v. 8.0., etc.), please apply the update program as soon as practical by installing this file.

Update program:
• TOSHIBA HDD Protection Patch

The information and notice provided herein are all subject to change without notice.

¹ “Toshiba HDD protection” provides hard drive impact protection, protecting your PC’s HDD from potential damage caused by unexpected shock and vibration. TOSHIBA DOES NOT WARRANT ANY DAMAGE TO OR FAILURE OF HDD.