Technical Limitation

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Battery Life

Battery life may vary considerably depending on product model, configuration, applications, power management settings and features utilized, as well as the natural performance variations produced by the design of individual components. Battery life is based on industry standard benchmark testing tools. Published battery life numbers are achieved on select models and configurations tested by Toshiba Dynabook at the time of publication. Recharge time varies depending on usage. Battery may not charge while computer is consuming full power. After a period of time and charge cycles, the battery will lose its ability to perform at maximum capacity and will need to be replaced. This is normal for all batteries.
Ensure the battery is charged when not used for longer than a week, Lithium Batteries lose its charge over time and can become permanently damaged if the battery is at zero percent for too long.
To purchase a new battery pack, see your Toshiba Dynabook Authorised Reseller. Detachable Battery Packs are eligible for 12 months domestic warranty only.