Technical Limitation

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SDHC Memory Card Disclaimer

SD Applications

Subject to indivdual model. Please see detailed Specification.

1. After long-time use, the Toshiba SD cards may lose some or all of its functionality, including reading, writing and deletion of data.

2. Toshiba does not warrant that the use or operation of the Toshiba SD cards will be error free, nor does it warrant that any data stored on the Toshiba SD cards will remain accessible or uncorrupted.To protect against accidental data loss, you should backup your data frequently on more than one type of storage media.

3. Toshiba does not warrant that the Toshiba SD cards will be compatible with all devices that may use storage media similar to the Toshiba SD cards.

4. The Toshiba card products of this Web page are labeled based on the memory chip(s) they contain, not the amount of memory capacity available for data storage by you.

5. Part of the capacity is reserved for card functionality.

6. Maximum consumer-usable memory capacity is approximately:

SD Memory Card Size - Actual Storage Capacity

4 GB card 3,832 MB
8 GB card 7,672 MB
16 GB card 15,480 MB

(For purposes of measuring memory capacity in this context, 1MB= 1,048,576 bytes)