Technical Limitation

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HD DVD Technology

Because HD DVD is a new format that makes use of new technologies, certain disc, digital connection and other compatibility and/or performance issues are possible. Advanced interactive and navigation features of the HD DVD Video format including, but not limited to, Picture in Picture (PIP) and network streaming features are not supported by this product. See Toshiba HD DVD model "Detailed Specs" at for important information on HD DVD playback capabilities. HD DVD Application Logo (HD DVD-ROM) represents the optical drive's conformity with the DVD Forum's verification criteria for HD DVD physical format, and does not represent compliance with the HD DVD Video specification defined by the DVD Forum.

Advanced Access Content System (AACS) keys are integrated into your computer for copy protection purposes. Occasional renewal of the AACS key is required, and easily done by connecting to the Internet. AACS key renewal will be provided at no charge to purchasers. If the AACS key is not renewed, the HD DVD player software will stop playing AACS-protected HD DVD content. However, it will continue to play other forms of content, such as DVD discs or non-protected HD DVD content.