Technical Limitation

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Toshiba RAID Technology

1. TOSHIBA RAID supports only Toshiba certified HDDs

Some third party vendor’s hard drives are not supported due to below reasons.
• Power management feature may not be supported.
• Default setting might be different from RAID driver expected.
• Some hard drives may have slightly smaller capacity than catalog spec

2. Some applications will not work on the RAID system.

3. The second HDD capacity must be same or larger than the primary HDD to configure RAID-1 system from the primary HDD.

4. User will be limited to the maximum capacity of the smaller HDD's

• When RAID-1 is configured, the smaller size of two hard drives will be detected as the hard drive capacity by the operating system. i.e.) When using 40GB hard drive and 60GB hard drive as RAID-1 system, Windows detects Hard drive capacity as 40GB. The rest 20GB out of 60GB hard drive can not be in use.