Technical Limitation

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Nvidia GeForce Experience

The NVIDIA "R" GeForce Experience "TM" can notify you of the latest display driver updates for NVIDIA Graphics Controllers. However, Toshiba does not guaranty compatibility of such NVIDIA drivers with your device. TOSHIBA shall not be liable for any damage resulting from NVIDIA's drivers. Hence, your device shall not be covered under TOSHIBA's limited warranty. Please refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA). Furthermore, TOSHIBA does not provide any technical support for such drivers.

The NVIDIA "R" GeForce Experience "TM" application does not optimize all PC games. PC game support can be checked via NVIDIA "R" -> GeForce Experience "TM" -> Preferences -> General -> Supported games. Even if your PC game is supported, NVIDIA Cloud may not have the data necessary to optimize your PC game. Use Send feedback (bottom right of NVIDIA "R" GeForce Experience "TM") to provide necessary information such as device system information, name of PC game, etc. NVIDIA may choose to optimize such games via the NVIDIA Cloud in the future.